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Embrace Your Destiny and Define Your Legacy With                                           COACH KALIN ! 
About GLO Coaching 
GLO Coaching came to be for the purpose of meeting an unmet need, namely that of providing guidance to those seeking to awaken and honor what is sacred within themselves.   Modern society places little outward value on inward self reflection other than on religious holidays.  As a result, many people live lives in which they simply go through the motions of conventional living: pursuing money, partners and possessions, as if having any of those things will lead to true, long term happiness and satisfaction in any of the 3 earthly spheres, mind, spirit or body.    Sadly, few of us devote any time or attention to the purpose of our lives or the legacy we will leave for our loved ones or generations to come after our Earthwalk ends.    
Traditional coaching programs provide guidance "toward success", meaning that the coaching client is expected to squeeze into the well trod "go along to get along" social role, often at great personal costs such as loss of inner peace, a distracted mind and a restless spirit.  
Traditional coaching rarely ever creates  the space necessary clients to explore their personal Universe of ONE as the starting point of any journey toward life transformation.   The traditional coaching push toward the "Success Express Train" often fails because success is viewed as a comparative metric where the  client is encourage to meet externally focused benchmarks which are the usual measure of coaching success.  Unfortunately, most traditional coaches are, themselves, externally oriented and focused, few have taken the time to connect to their own deep internal vibrations because there is little profit or ego satisfaction in that.   Because many traditional coaches are externally focused, the guidance they offer is also geared toward the client's attainment of externalized goals because that is an easy means for the coach to assess the coach's success.  Thus, traditional coaching is often not only focused on the client's success there is also an ego rush for the coach.
At GLO Coaching, the GLO Coach is not the beneficiary of your coaching experience, the focus remains on  you.  The GLO Coach does not inject him or herself into your journey.  Rather, the GLO Coach is merely a guide who helps you locate the outer ridges of your sacred space.  The GLO Coach remains present to provide suport and encouragement to you as you navigate the issues, experiences and realities that you must confront and will celebrate your awakening you once you attain the awareness required to design  your Destiny and most enduring Legacy.   Your GLO Coach also works with you to find ways to best incorporate the wisdom you attain from the GLO Coaching program in your everyday life.  Thus, this approch offers no ego boost for the Coach because your success, is an uniquely measured metric knowable only you once you have taken the plunge into your innate wisdom and emerge on the other side with the keys needed to activate the wisdom that will lead you to your destiny and your legacy.     
We believe that you can only be "happy" and "successful" if you are able to master your Sacred Self, that is the you who emerges you when you are still, silent and at peace.  The  Sacred Self is not worried about impressing others,  not concerned about who likes you, not concerned about what you own,  not concernded about what bills you have to pay, and is not concerned about competing with others.  The Sacred Self enables you to plug into the Universal Lifeforce that provides the nourshment your Spirit needs to awaken your innate widsdom, wisdom that is necessary to find your way to both your Destiny and your Legacy. 
  1. I am here to support you and guide you to your most effective Earthwalk
  2. I am here to help you prepare for the journey to your most Sacred Destiny
  3. I am here to help you anchor your Sacred Personal Legacy
  4. I am here to help you uncover your Sacred Innate wisdom
  5. I am here to help you find personal freedom
  6. I am here to help you heighten your Sacred Innate Awareness
 What Is The History Of GLO Coaching
 GLO Coaching was established by Coach Kalin in 2013.  Prior to the launch of GLO Coaching, Coach Kalin,  worked as an Attorney for over 20 years.
During that time, she gained invaluable experience offering Counseling and Coaching support to individuals and families.  She and now uses that experience to provide guidance to those seeking to solidify their Earthwalk Destinies as well as those seeking to establish enduring personal Legacies for the benefit of themselves, their families and future generations.
What Inspired The Creation Of GLO Coaching?
Coach Kalin is a native of Philadelphia, but has deep family ties to Virginia and Maryland, roots that extend to the era before the Revolutionary War.  During that period of time, there was an interaction of people of many different cultural traditions and  of various social standing.  As a result, she is the beneficiary of an extraordinary generational legacy left to her by family ancestors.  She was taught the importance of honoring the history, culture and traditions of her ancestors at an early age.  She was also taught the obligation to resepct the legacies that those ancestors passed down to her for the benefit of herself as well as future generations.  Additionally, her family also stressed her obligation to honor the Earthwalk of her ancestors by acknowledging who they were, being consciously mindful of the lives they lived and the need to protect their histories.  Consequently, Coach Kalin came to understand the importance of understanding one's destiny and respecting the legacy of ancestors through the intertwining of the various cultural traditions of her heritage: African, Native American and Romani.  Though these lesson have always been  integral aspects of her Earthwalk, Coach Kalin was surprised to learn that most of her peers had not been taught about the power of destiny and legacy.  
As a college student, Coach Kalin developed an interest in the internal aspects of what makes humans tick and attained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and she also enrolled in various philosophy courses.  Though the study of psychology and philosophy were relevatory in many ways, Coach Kalin still had many questions that remained unanswered about the essential essence of human beings at an even deeper layer of human existance, namely, why are we here, what is the purpose of our lives, and what foundation should we be obligated to leave for future generations once our Earthwalk is complete.  These questions led to independent study of spiritual and self empowerment theories.  The result of this ongoing thought process, awareness and assessment led to the development of the Glo Coaching program.
Does Coach Kalin Practice What She Teaches?
Coach Kalin has utilized the principles underlying the Sacred GLO approach in her own life to a great deal of success, especially when encountering many challenges in her career as an Attorney.  Such challenges included bullying by government officials attempting to intimidate her and retaliate against her for advancing the rights of vulnerable clients.  Her stand against this abuse resulted in economic assault designed to force the closure of her law practice as well as other indignities.  Nonetheless, Coach Kalin stands in the fullness of her Personal Power.  She survived the attacks designed to destroy her precisely because the Universe honored Coach Kalin's embrace of the Sacred Wisdom gifted to her as part of her pursuit of her Sacred Destiny and Legacy and enveloped her in its protection.  Notwithstanding  all the dysfunction that infected her career as an Attorney, Coach Kalin amassed a level of success in federal court litigation that few of her peers have matched.  The Universe conspired to permit Coach Kalin to survive the trials she experienced and emerge with victory due to her application of the principles behind the GLO Coaching philosophy.
What Else Is There To Know About Coach Kalin?
In addition to her work with GLO Coaching, Coach Kalin is an Attorney Activist who has litigated numerous precedent setting legal matters and whose social commentary has been requested by national publications.  She is also an avid tennis fan, who enjoys all forms of art, dance and music.  She has traveled extensively as a tourist throughout the U.S. , the Caribbean, Western Europe, as well as South America.  She has also traveled as a Human Rights Activist to South Africa, Haiti and the Balkans.  Most importantly she is Mommy to two fur kiddies, Bella and Max..