GLO Coaching
Embrace Your Destiny and Define Your Legacy With                                           COACH KALIN ! 
What is GLO Coaching?
 The SPARK  That Awakens Your Sacred Soul And Motivates You To Embrace                         Your Most Poweful Destiny, And Your Most Enduring Life Legacy,
                                                                   What We Call Your 
                                                                           Sacred GLO
The Philosophy Behind GLO Coaching asserts that we each have within us unique talents, skills and insights that are gifts from the DIVINE.  They enable us to deepen our souls, attain a sense of accomplishment, as well as enable us to be a blessing to others during the duration of our Earthwalk.  Although we know, intuitively, that there is POWER within ourselves availble to enable us to be phenominal beings in the 3 realms of human existence: physically, emotionally and spiritually, we often diminish, ignore or downplay that power while in pursuit of "more important things" such as financial security, happiness, appearances, and winning at the "rat race".  As a result we have to take proactive steps to AWAKEN the personal power contained within ourselves.  GLO Coaching  creates the sapce within which our clients can breathe, reflect, reassess the wisdom of the Lifepath they have chosen to pursue, given the unique perfect destiny the Universe  has made provision for them to embrace, IF they chose to pursue it.  The GLO Coaching process guides you  through the necessary stages of Awakening and Empowerment necessary for you to live the life you were Destined to live as well as leave a Sacred Legacy worthy of your name, all at your own pace.
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  1. Sacred Personal GLO
    The challenge: identify & remove all barriers to Your Sacred Earthwalk, utilizing personal power to launch you into Destiny.
  2. Sacred Spiritual GLO
    Your challenge is to explore YOUR link to the Universal life force, the center of all true wisdom, power and love, fulfilling the purpose of Your Earthwalk.
  3. Sacred Legacy GLO
    Your challenge is to create a plan for your Sacred legacy. At the end of Your Earthwalk, how will YOU have contributed to the Universal GOOD to benefit all?
Let Coach KALIN Help You 
GLO - Kalin's unique mix of enthusiatic support & encouragement, with blunt assessment  when necessary,  as well as guided planning, strategizing, and activation, based on your particular needs, goals & circumstances, will be just the spark you need to launch yourself into your most inspired Destiny and create your most enduring Legacy.
                                                      What's This All About?
What makes COACHING different than simply getting helpful advice from a Mentor or a close friend?  Typically, a Mentor has a
relationship with you in only one particular area of your life.  Usually, a Mentor provides guidance with your careerpath, but not in any
other particular area ourt side of your occupation.  Also, a Mentor is usually not prepared to "Go DEEP" with you to explore into your
inner turmoil, conflicts and unspoken hopes and dreams that impact your life and career, the you that is presented to the Mentor is
viewed as essentially fixed and the Mentor relationship moves on from that standpoint, to help you get to the place the Mentor
advises you to go.  It is a given that the Mentee will follow the Mentor's lead.  To that end, Mentor relationship typically, also involves
some critical assessment of the Mentee's progress, assessment that can result in negative consequences .if the mentee does not
produce the results that the Mentor expects to be produced within a specified timeframe.  Consequences include abandonment by
the Mentor, or a diminished professional reputation that can impact promotion oportunities, salary  and more.
                                             How Can GLOCoaching Help Me? 
GLO Coaching is different!  Our Coaching program involves no judgment, and there is no critique as you are the best authority
on YOU.   Accountability and enthusiastic support are the keys Coach Kalin uses to inspire you to  awaken and activate the Lifeforce
necessary for you to live the life waiting to be had once you decide to pursue your Sacred Destiny.  
Our GLO Coaching approach moves at the pace YOU set and goes as DEEP within your Sacred Lifesource as you desire.    Also,
our coaching teamwork lasts only  as long as you deem to be appropriate for your particular life circumstances, goals and needs.  
                                                                                                         Is it YOUR Time To GLO?